Attribute Import-Export for Magento 1

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User's guide for Attribute Import-Export for Magento 1.1.0

Imports and exports your attributes and attribute sets quickly and easily.


Sometimes Magento webshops need to inherit a couple of special attributes (ex. product attributes, which are used on product pages) from another webshop. There are many reasons why such a task should be done: switching from another webshop engine; extending your current site; or just simply copying another similar shop. The migration of attributes can be a long and frustrating job, especially when it is done manually. You have to create each attribute manually, specify the settings, and maybe the most time consuming is to type in the options. Some webshops have thousands of options, which can be very hard to maintain.

The Code007 Attribute Import / Export module will save you precious hours. You will be able to export your chosen attributes from your old Magento site into a CSV file. This will contain the properties of the attributes and attribute options as well. All you have to do is to import this file into your Magento site.

Migrate your Magento 1.x attributes into Magento 2

It is a very big step to migrate everything from Magento 1.x to 2.x. Many of the extension developers consider it tiresome and prefer to stick with Magento 1.x. Now there's an opportunity to ease the switch between the two as the Attribute Import-Export module has also been written for Magento 2.x (can be purchased separately) and the exported CSV is compatible with the Attribute Import-Export module for Magento 1. You will be able to migrate your attributes in just a couple of clicks.

Feature List

  • Export attributes: you can choose from the available system and user defined attributes and save them into a CSV file
  • While exporting attributes, the related attribute options are also exported (if available)
  • Import attributes: import your attributes and attribute options from CSV files
  • Export attribute sets
  • Import attribute sets
  • Import CSV format is compatible with the Code007 AttributeImportExport extension for Magento 2.x, so attributes can be migrated easily
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