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User's guide for Clear Cache

Makes clearing the cache possible from anywhere in the backend, even without reloading the current page


Clearing the cache can sometimes be very time consuming for a developer. Imagine a situation when you are trying to debug an AJAX script, but the cache is turned on. In cases like this you will have to refresh the page and start the test over after each flushing of the cache. In some complex situations you could spend more than a minute because of the page refresh. Save time by using the Clear Cache extension. The Clear Cache extension allows you to clear the cache any time you want, without leaving the current page.


  • flush Magento cache
  • flush cache storage
  • flush catalog image cache
  • flush javascript / css cache
  • enable / disable / refresh cache types
  • clear cache without refreshing the current page
  • optional confirmation before taking actions



1. Go to the Magento ConnectManager and follow the provided steps. Alternatively, unpack the contents of the archive and copy them into the document root. Pay attention to maintain the structure of the files and folders.
2. Right after installation sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache from System -> Cache Management


If the extension is enabled, then the configured buttons will be shown in the top right corner of the header, below the Log Out link.
By default there will be the MC (Magento Cache), ST (Cache Storage), IM (Catalog Image Cache), JS (Javascript/CSS Cache), MNG (Cache Storage Management) buttons and the Refresh page checkbox. The default setting for "Reload page after flushing cache" is Yes, and for "Confirm before clearing cache" is No.
All these are customizable in the System -> Configuration -> Code007 -> Clear Cache settings.

The Refresh page checkbox next to the buttons in the header will always override the "Reload page after flushing cache" option.

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